Fashion Tips for Fat

Fashion for fat tips. Look sensual and beautiful is a matter of self-esteem, and know what kind of garments helps our body. In this interesting post I leave some interesting tips fashion for gorditas.

  1. Blouses. It is a good idea to use long-sleeved blouses, because they are perfect to hide rolls of arms and as a result we luciremos a cute provided silhouette. Eye, long sleeve does not increase the size of your shoulders, only meets hide those defectitos.

It is also highly recommended to opt for those tops that have a V-neckline. Choose light colors that help highlight, mainly his arms and his torso. To define your silhouette, you need to use blouses that have vertical seams that are of a different colour to the fabric.

Choose those blouses which contain small details in the chest, that way could attract looks towards his chest. I also suggest that you opt for tops that have sleeves three quarters, because they are ideal to cover the shoulders and only left exposed the thinner part.

To hide the love handles you must use thin, blouses but these blouses bad is that they make you look wider according to If you have a large bust, put aside crewneck and turtle neck blouses because they are designs that make you look heavier.

  1. Pants. The best way to disguise the extent of their hips, is using jeans that are dark and straight cutting. Choose those pants that have big pockets, back as if pockets are small their buttocks will be more great.

If you’re chubby be forget to wear jeans to the hip. It is not a good idea that you opt for the encampanados pants, because they are designs that make you look heavier. Be very careful in wearing jeans that have marks of wear at the height of the thighs, because they increase the size of his legs. Put aside also the pants that have details at the waist and always opt for the simplicity.

Accessories. Robe which wears must be combined with small collars, especially small collars should highlight his body and divert his hip looks. To complete your look, wear a beautiful small hand bag and be leather.


Other important tips:

Gorditas or his body, thick areas should keep it covered: for example; If your thighs are thick never use shorts or miniskirts.

Use outstanding Golden medium or large: that way achieve that looks are directed towards their earrings and not to areas of your body.

Always try to not opt for garments that have horizontal lines: It is better to opt for clothing with vertical and thin lines, thus it will show a slim silhouette.

Gorditas Sandals: Gorditas who want to visually lengthen legs and make them to look thin, naked-heeled Sandals should be used.

More essential tips:

  • Stripes: to refine your silhouette opt for clothes with vertical stripes.
  • Ball gown: gown garments, are ideal to disguise your hips and thick legs.
  • Necklines: choose clothes with sexy necklines.
  • Even more tips, see