Fashion Tips for Over Fifties

Fashionable beyond the 50? Of course! Never mode is as simple and straightforward as a Silver Ager. One can quite simply no longer bear anything like some sadden, but it is also extremely relieving. It’s no longer about look totally amazing, because you want only conditionally impress others. Much more focused on the needs of all its own. Good looks and comfort go hand in hand. These styling tips fashion from 50 help:

Oh, Please do not: the 3 Worst Fashion Faux Pas

  1. Wrong size

The body changes. And that should not ignore it. Yes, the things that you like to wear 40, may still fit. But they sit really good? A perfect fit is extremely important for a harmonious outfit.And of course for well-being!

  1. Can not Separate

Sure you put on some clothes, after all, they are often also memory of beautiful moments. But a critical test is essential: Adjusts the color of the blouse really still my current style? Is the cut still flattering? Complemented this Blazer my current wardrobe still good?

  1. Farbexplosionen

With age, some women feel less attention, some even speak of it, that they are “invisible”. The handle to very colorful parts seems to be there an antidote. But loud sounds can also make very pale depending on skin type. Make a best Farbttyp test before committing.

Oh Yes, Absolutely: The 3 Best Fashion Advice

  1. Basic Wardrobe

If the base is right, the rest is a fashion rule. Invest in You like T-shirts with silk? Brand Jeans with a high stretch content? A simple cashmere sweater? Do not think twice, you will not regret the investment.

  1. Trendy

Who says you should join no more trends? It just all depends on them to meter correctly and combine skillfully. Become inventive!

  1. Details

Red nails, leopard ballet flats, a noble cashmere scarf, a great handbag – 50 you know the gamut of fashion accessories and use this perfect for your appearance.