Flowers Made with Buttons

If you are looking for an original way to tell someone that you like or your partner that you want, instead of buying the typical roses, better make him one of the best crafts of flowers with this idea so original, economical and reusable materials made.


  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Color buttons
  • Felt colors
  • Wooden sticks


  1. draw the shape of the flower on the felt and cut it out.If you want to make all of a floral arrangement, you can do many flowers of different shapes and sizes, you guide you with the image.
  2. a button placed in the center of each flower and then sew the flower button, you must leave a number of considerable loose thread that will be tied around the wooden stick.
  3. you can paint the sticks of wood and make felt leaves.

This craft is very simple, in the end, the only thing that remains to do is place in a beautiful vase arrangement and putting a loop to give away. Surely will be very well received a gift like this flower that does not wither.