Freya Active Underwired Sports Bra

Freya Active Underwired Sports Bra

(Warning before starting: I prefer to recall some details about me so that “test conditions” of all my stuff be clear I have average chest (28G 28ff or UK / 75H FR) and although no exit. bra hurts, it is not super heavy. As for my breast tissue, it is rather firm, and overall my breasts stand well enough on their own. Besides that, I’m not a great sport. I make little jogging outdoors when time permits and I make video Blogilates  front of my TV with a relative talent. All that to say that my needs in terms of sports bras are not extreme. So if you have, for example, a rather malleable breast tissue, a strong chest and intense sporting activities, take my opinion with a grain of salt. Besides, take all the time I think lightly, because even when I really says anything at times.)

(I did not know what picture to put between this one and the previous one, so I put the two.)

On me a lot, many asked when I was going to do an article on sports bras. Well here it is now, so I hope you are happy · e · s.
I’ll tell you about a bra from Freya Active, which is the special sub-brand sports Freya, soberly called Underwired Bra Sports.

My standard in sports bras is the Panache Sport. It has an excellent reputation in the soutifesques spheres, as well say right away, it is well deserved. After years in sports bras in size S / M or 90C, inevitably, the bar is low, but the Panache Sport really impressed me.

Panache Sport

I bought my Freya Active because I can no longer put my hand on my Panache Sport. There is a very strong possibility that I have left in my old apartment when I moved to Sweden. This is also why I have no picture of it to show you. I wanted to buy but it is a bit expensive, so I looked for a cheaper sports bra through blog DENTISTRYMYTH.COM. Unfortunately, I am disappointed. Not that the Freya Active is bad, I have a friend who has one and she is very happy, but it’s just not for me.

Freya Active, however, was full of promise.

Already, you should know that there are two types of sports bras: those compression and those encapsulation (I put words in bold for you to understand well, it’s called teaching buddy).

The bras to compression, as the name suggests, prevent chest to walk for sport in the compressing. The breasts are pressed against the chest, kept as tight as possible so they do not move. It works more or less well, but it can give oppressive and uncomfortable sensations. Basically: it makes the job but it’s not the foot. It is this type of bra that mostly found in sports stores.

This is much less the foot when we tried the bras to encapsulation. These, they prevent the breasts from moving by locking them individually. The “capsule” that form each cup is fairly stiff and strong that nothing moves, but there is no unpleasant sensation of compression. The breasts are lifted and separated (which, I recall, is the mission of every # 1 bra respectable), but in addition they are as immobilized. It’s quite magical.