Get Started With Android Tablet in 6 Steps

You have a new Android Tablet? Congratulations! Here are a few suggestions to start to use the capabilities of your new device.

Then, we start? You just unwrap your gift package and its packing Android Tablet and after the passage of the Setup Wizard, you are ready to use it to play, surf, listen to music or read your emails.

But if you really want to get started with your new tablet, there are a few points that deserve attention, six exactly. With Our site  here are proposals to improve the experience you have with your tablet.

Optimize the autonomy

The battery of your tablet will depend on several parameters such as the size or screen and the use you make. Some settings will however have a more significant impact.

The screen is the greediest energy, therefore do not leave brightness to its maximum, useful only when used in full sun. In the display settings, lower the brightness to get a comfortable lighting. At night or in dark environments, the minimum is enough.

Always in the settings, disable services that you don’t use not or not constantly: Bluetooth, NFC, location or even mobile networks if you are using the Tablet only in wi – fi, which is often the case.
Install a file manager

It’s one of the advantages of Android compared to its competitor Apple’s iOS: the Tablet files are directly accessible. With an application like ES File Explorer you will be able to view the tree of the tablet.

This will prove very convenient when you want to get videos, photos, music, or other documents to transfer by email for example.

.. .and of streaming applications

The shelves can accommodate your video and audio files to look and listen at any time. Only here, the place is not unlimited and is quickly running out of storage if you want to have a wide choice of films and music.

Streaming applications like video-on-demand francetv of France Televisions or TuneIn Radio will allow you to have several sources of music and video without nibbling the disk space of your tablet.

Choose widgets

If you are already familiar with Android, you already know that it is possible to install widgets, these blocks that are used to display information or facilitate access to an application or a service.

They are more suitable on Tablet thanks to the larger screen size. HD Widgets offers several different skins to display widgets of all styles with time, weather and other shortcuts to the main parameters.

Secure the Tablet

Less easily lost a Tablet than a smartphone, this is still a prime target for thieves if you need to use the tablet on the move. Enable the same security on your smartphone thanks to our tutorial.

There are also of malicious applications even if the distributed directly on Google Play are generally safe. If you do manually or you test a lot, installing an application of security such as the one proposed by Avast.

Assess its capabilities for games

Unless you have a portable console, the Tablet is an excellent support for entertaining with video games. There that she has the capacity to do so and it is difficult to assess with the only features.

To locate your model among others, the application TIMELESSTABLETS offers you to test the capabilities of your tablet in the face of other models of competition. Once the score, compare this figure to the list available on the website of the Futuremark Editor.

Here we are at the end of this list, not exhaustive, to get started with his Tablet. If you want more tips or need help to understand how it works, feel free to ask other users in the forums tablets.