Gigaset SL450 HX Test

The SL450 HX is the new star in the range Gigaset: the operation of the IP phone fun thanks top display and great feel.

Like the Gigaset S850 HX (Test) is also the nobler SL450 HX for the operation of VoIP routers. One must first invest its price of 140 euro for a cordless phone want – who treats herself to that luxury, but will be rewarded with one of the currently best DECT handsets: the high-quality aluminium front, the balanced weight distribution, the precise keys and last but not least the high-resolution and high-contrast 2.4 inch display (6.1 cm diagonal) delight the testers all along the line.

Who uses still a conventional DECT base, prepare but for the IP switch would, nevertheless can be accessed at the SL450 HX: we have registered the SL450 HX attempt half on a Gigaset DX800 A and doing so could see no restrictions in menu and range of functions.

If the used base plays along, the SL450 HX leaves nothing to be desired. His phone book contains maximum of 500 entries with up to three phone numbers that allow to take over the software of the Gigaset QuickSync from Outlook or via Bluetooth transfer from mobile phones. Via Bluetooth, you can apply a headset on request, either, but a 2.5-millimeter Jack available stands. Hands-free is possible directly on the handset. Baby monitor and direct dial, calendar and alarm clock, SMS and picture CLIP round off the range of the function. Reducing radiation by eco fashion is also dependent on the used base – the handset supports them in any case.

So it works on VoIP routers

As well, the HX handsets support functions of routers of manufacturer? Connect has tried it with two popular models.

The conception of the Gigaset HX handsets suggests the question how far the support of popular VoIP router is really about. To be able to answer them, connect was the S850 HX and the SL450 HX on a Fritz box 6490 (test) and a TP-Link Archer VR900v (Test) and check the function catalog. Router and handsets were the latest firmware at the time of the test.

The results show: Gigaset did a good job, but depending on the respective router wishes remain open. To further improve the cooperation, not only the Gigaset developers are required – the router manufacturers need to make any corrections and additions. The motivation to do so should be pronounced differently: AVM and Telekom sell own handsets and do not consider the compatibility to Gigaset devices as a priority. Gigaset works with TP-link more closely, here are likely future improvements.

Also in the lab all around good

The measurements confirm the positive image in the laboratory and connect. At the sound of the cheaper S850 HX has the nose slightly at the front, both Gigaset models at the same, high level lie in the endurance.

Test results

Some pictures of this test were incorrectly printed in the connect 03/2016. In the following, you can download the article as PDF – with all test results and the correct images.