Google Drive Lets You Work in Microsoft Office

Cloud Google drive has just become more useful if you often use documents from Microsoft. Google drive is an excellent place to save files from Microsoft Office package, if one is to download them at work or school and do not bother to use a USB stick. The latest update from Google to Drive means that you can now edit the documents, if you come in thinking about something in the train on the way to work.

In addition to Drive-part, Google has also updated its own office suite with Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. There is a wide range of functions that have been added or enhanced, so it will be easier to be productive on the go.

For example, Docs do points, if you make an asterisk, Sheets can turn cells together, and Wear can make lines, shapes and text boxes.

In addition to these new features, they have also been overhauled in relation to stability, and that has been crushed some insects.

The entire list of new items in the updates for these apps can be found via this link to Google’s blog.