Google Will Reduce the Image Quality in Order to Save Power

On the future of Google devices, will the picture quality may be reduced sharply, when the battery needs charging.

Google has a patent application been thinking a bit about how smartphones can use less power, thus keeping the battery runs end for long periods of time, write our site.

A piece of software will constantly measure how much energy is left in the battery. When levels becomes critical, turn automatically down to the quality of the screen, so that it appears, gradually gets worse. By disabling animations, the processor must be working less, thus are saved on the flow.

In the patent it appears also that only a resolution of 480 x 320 pixels, will use less power. In addition, Google will get the screen to display only the two colors red and black when the level is really critical. The two colors are supposed to use the least energy, when we talk about OLED screens.

Now there is only talk about provisional patent applications. Later it will turn out, how much of this is being made a reality in future products.