Hairstyles Midi

Sometimes thinking about the perfect hairstyle that goes with your outfit and hair types, or cutting can be a bit complicated, so here I leave some simple options for cutting midi you can choose for any occasion.

10. Wavy hair

To give life and show off your beautiful natural waves, just apply some serum and moisturizer, achieving a hairstyle very relaxed and natural.

9. Straight hair

If you have the hair straight natural, whether you have fringe or not, you can comb your hair with the points facing downwards and directing them inward, leaving it with a very simple and natural effect.

8. Hair with color

One of the options that are very nice to wear a hairstyle with cutting midi, is applying color to create movement with reflections or may even be only in tips.

7. Fine hair

If you have very fine hair and you don’t know how you can look this cut, with wet hair, you can apply a foam to achieve volume, later with head down dry with the dryer, at the end apply some sealant well ready.

6. Ponytail

The classic ponytail never left since it has thousand possibilities, is simple and it can be very nice for this hairstyle just iron your hair, apply wax, divided to half or side, brush to make it look flat and then get the pony tail lower middle leaving a part loose so that then passes it around the League and this is not fixed with pins.

5. Mono low

This is a hairstyle that can be very sweet and feminine, ironing your hair and get a low ponytail, divided and covers one side and another League setting with pins giving way to mono.

4. Braid headband

For this hairstyle that is more simple than it seems, simply divide your hair from side and begin making a braid, adding parts of hair, like a braid French, reaches as far as you can and with the other party do the same, fixed with pins where they join and ready.

3. Vintage style

This Classic hairstyle stands out for its straight and horizontal waves can make waves with a curling iron and then combing them, it can let loose to one side or pick it up in a low bun leaving some loose waves aside, in the end applies a bit of fixative to make it last longer.

2. Straight tips

This hairstyle is perfect if you have an irregular cut, whether you have straight natural or planches it, you must dial the tips down and slightly out and up, then you can use some fixing wax so longer effect on the tips.

1. Bun with bangs

This hairstyle can work both as for a formal occasion such ascasual, all you must do is make is ironing your hair, then get a ponytail high away the fringe, wind your hair around the League, the parts that do not stop them you can secure with pins and put a bit of styling wax.

Remember that in the end the most important thing is that you enjoy yourself in the process and above all that you feel comfortable with your look and choose the style that most go with your personality!