Halloween Makeup Ideas for Devil

Here at last is a trick that can also realize the guys. With the help of a few tools you will interpret the darkest character of all: the devil.

Make-up devil need to get two colors of fat Kryolan (one ivory and one red) and sponges that we will use to blend these two colors. Here is how to achieve a gradient, which will be the basis of this make-up.

The three rules for a perfect nuance:

-Apply so much color so that it is saturated

-Use the tools to fade (sponge or brush) clean at all times, especially when changing nuance

-Dab with a sponge or with a brush while keeping the same pace.

Let’s start step by step from the top of the face down before applying the light colors, then darker ones; black I leave it for last.

White knocks him down below and above the eyebrow, nose and nostrils, on the cheek and the nasolabial folds. The rest of the face instead lay the red color in large quantities. Do not be stingy for optimum results. Remember, it starts from the top of the face to get down!When we arrive we have to define them in the eyes with a black pencil; on the upper eyelid, or we can use red or black. I recommend MAKEUPNECESSITIES if you use the red color fasten fat immediately with eye shadow the same color, in this way not sbaverà. Subsequently with black pencil created a line both above and below. If you decide to make the black upper eyelid used pencil filling well all the eye and then set it all with the black eyeshadow.

We proceed on the rest of the face step by step blending the two colors with brush and sponge. I have a little ‘patience and not get discouraged if the gradient will not be right away what you will, it takes a little’ practice!Anyway, we finished the nuances we will arrange and secure with eye shadows of the same color, in this case red and ivory.

I will go with a brown eye shadow to accentuate all the wrinkles, those between the eyebrows, nasolabial wrinkles and I’m going to darken the area under the eyes, under the cheekbones and below the mouth.

Mouth the outline with a black pencil and fill with a red lipstick.

Finally, as a very last step we use the same black pencil to create very thick and arched eyebrows that will capture our person a bad and angry look. Finally, have fun drawing a mustache and beard. This trick is quite complex, so take your time! You will see that the result will be worth it!