Hasta Siempre, Nokia

It is a sad day for a generation. That grew parallel to a company, Nokia, which today says goodbye in final form its Division of devices and services. Because now Nokia (Devices and Services) ceased to exist to merge form complete with Microsoft.

News US does not catch of surprise, of course. The process took months underway, but that doesn’t change the fact that that mark has been companion to millions of users with hundreds of millions of mobile phones sold gives way to a new era.

I must confess that I was never a Nokia-addicted, although I know to true fans of a brand that They disown any other Terminal do not submit that word in its design and to not have that characteristic ringtone – which, by the way, comes from the great Spanish guitarist Francisco Tárrega – Waltz.

The Nokia 1100, symbol of an entire generation, sold a whopping 250 million units worldwide.

But both if you have been loyal brand users as if you have not been, Nokia and its devices, with their successes and their mistakes (which also had them), remain as legend of the still young the mobility market. It is curious that a brand that has achieved an incredible domain of the mobile terminals market for so many years you have not generated the traditional hate you tend to generate large in all types of industries.

Today there are to say goodbye to many great moments and, to many large terminals. And of course, it is also the sad farewell to the “Connecting people”. Who now connect people as Nokia did for decades?

Said it much better than the undersigned an employee of Nokia that was dismissed yesterday which was your company for years and for which the work carried out during that time It has certainly been prodigious. As he stated:

The history of Nokia is the story of more than 1,000 millions human beings whose lives have been touched, and even transformed, by the possibility of being connected to anyone, anywhere, for the first time.
The Nokia we met ends today, but its impact on the industry and the world will endure for years to come.


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