He is Wearing Jeans

And if it were enough to wear jeans to fight cellulite?!? Wrangler, the popular brand of American jeans, invented the miraculous jeans that reduce the orange peel effect.

The fight against cellulite! All we are good at the beginning: cream with deep massage twice a day, wraps, mud baths, the beautician treatment. Then, slowly, we begin to slow down: this morning I’m late for work so no cream tonight I came back late so I’ll go to sleep .. and the famous trial.

Costumes cellulite is still there!

But we thought Wrangler , the popular brand of American jeans, to meet the needs of women engaged us that we have not five minutes a day for ourselves. This well-known manufacturer has invented something that will solve all problems at once: the anti-cellulite jeans!

An idea born from the marriage of fashion and beauty, it is in fact a cosmetic garment.

But let ‘more closely at how they work. Line Denim Spa, it articolarà in three different products:

– The first: the Smooth Legs the most striking and interesting (that surely will be snapped up) is the anti-cellulite. It ‘was produced by a patented technique exclusively by Wrangler. The mechanism is simple: the rubbing of the skin with the fabric makes sure that the principles contained in denim free themselves and fight the hated cellulite.

– The second is a treatment oil Jojiba that promises a smooth skin and hydrated constantly.

– Finally the last is aloe vera, which, along with a hydrate is also scented.

The jeans are washed normally in lukewarm water at 30 ° and after six / eight washes you have to “recharge” by spraying with the appropriate canister supplied, but be careful, do not take them in the laundry room if you do not want to ruin them!

And now there is the obvious question: it really work or is it the usual hoax?

According to a study of 160 women who have worn these jeans for four weeks, 69% of them found a marked improvement of the skin orange peel .

The winning idea is to take advantage of the receptivity of the skin throughout the day, keeping constantly in contact with the active ingredient trapped in the tissue as if it were a pack that helps fight fat deposits localized and promotes the drainage of excess fluid .

Also the price is affordable to virtually everyone: a pair of these jeans will cost around 100 €, and the spray to reload only € 6. In addition, they will also aesthetically beautiful and fashionable. In fact the cut will be strictly skinny to ensure better contact with the skin.

So where’s the catch? Unfortunately we have to wait until the summer of 2013 because these miraculous jeans are on the market .. and until then we will continue with patience to smear our cream!