How do You Buy Hot Toys?

Dolls for girls, the fire trucks for boys… really? Of the Picoti magazine interviewed a ludothecaire: for nearly thirty years, she observes children, their desires and their needs. What wonder about some preconceived ideas!

How do parents choose games?

Josette Hospital: The packaging and the theme of the games have a great influence on parents in stores. In games, we change or amend the packaging and prefer the contents to the container.

As we don’t categorize games by age, parents often come to consult the  ask for toy buying advice, and as a result, it is easier to focus on the interest of the game.

But, if we do not intervene, they will spontaneously to what they know or they have heard about. Where the importance of the role of the ludothecaire!

How are parents if their child is having fun with a toy of “the opposite sex”?

  1. H.: the girls can play at all.Parents are not shocked to see them having fun with boys games. They feel a sense of pride.Boys can also play with the doll without worry, but when they want to bring her back home, that’s a problem: either the parent ignores the child’s choice, he offers her something else…It is up to us, ludothecaires, to reassure parents: all forms of gambling is involved in the development of the child.

    Dress and undress a doll require some dexterity, tell him stories promotes imagination and the development of the language. Push a truck and imagine a staging lead to the same learning.

Picoti: Changing attitudes towards sexual toys?

H: sexist toys are, it seems to me no more than before singled.Last year, a large sign of supermarket has chosen to represent in his catalogue of toys a little girl who played with his cars and a boy to the doll.

Let’s be realistic: it’s a stunt pub. Such ads are not going to revolutionize our social codes: whatever the social class of parents, few are those who have to go to the checkout with a doll in one hand and a little boy in the other.

Stereotypes have it rough, and advertisers know it as they continue to exploit!