How to Apply Wallpaper on Walls

Upholstery itself is an art. But sometimes it’s still wrong. And nothing is more frustrating than a day after smearing glue, up the stairs, wallpaper do as much as possible to see that it still has not gone well. But there are solutions available. Well hung how do you do it? And how do you solve the problems hung up?

Fingerprints on wallpaper

If the wallpaper is just finished, it is sometimes seen on fingerprints. Panic, as it was not intended. Take some bread and converts it into a ball and rub gently on the fingerprint. This will eliminate them.

Mounting holes found after wallpapering

A painting back in the same place where he hung out? Then the holes in the wall need not, of course, the first close. Put a match in according to Neovideogames. Not a lot, but so that the cup is flammable outlook remains expenses. If the new wallpaper goes over it and forms small vesicles that are so easy to find again. The vesicle has since then only be broken through, pulling the game out and replace the screw in the hole. Then list the painting can only be hung again.

Blisters on wallpaper

Just hung out and there are visible wounds. Suit in this case, a sewing needle and a sheet of blotting paper, rolling and iron. Do in the middle of the vesicle, a hole with the needle. Make it flat with the roller. Working from the outside to the middle. Then cover with tissue paper and keep the iron that you have added to the final temperature. Does it have disappeared for half a minute and blisters.

Preventing shrinkage wallpaper

Sometimes it happens that the wallpaper after 2 or 3 days shows that it has shrunk. There then create more space between jobs. Very annoying, since it is the whole effect is often forgotten. To prevent this, the rolls of the wallpaper is best placed in a very cold environment, such as a refrigerator. Do this for hanging. These preventive measures are the jobs already shrunken and they do not do it in a warmer environment.