How to Become a Wedding Planner

Marry you has never been one of your dreams, but planning a wedding is one thing you’ve always wanted to do? Would you both get married but can’t find the man of dreams, so I’ll settle for arranging the marriage of others? If the answer to any of these questions is yes then the job that’s right for you, it’s the wedding planner, the wedding Director.

What do I need to become a wedding planner? What are the courses? How to start business? Here are some tips.

The basic requirements

You are already well advanced if you are equipped with patience and empathy but if these qualities add a large organisational capacity then is the work he does for you.

The courses

  • If you want to prepare you for your new job without moving from home: onChicchidarancio( are more or less online courses lasting a month and a half, including practical tests all at the modest cost of 228 euros.
  • If you’re willing to move, and to take the matter more seriously the Phoenix Events( in Rome offers a basic course lasting one weekend to 600 euros and one more advanced than a week at a price more challenging 1,080 euros. If you decide to do both will apply a discount, in total only 1,020 euros. Although the prices may seem high it seems worth it; on the internet, in fact, there are several positive reviews and many of the girls who attended this course have started their business at large.
  • In Perugia we find Spositaly ( specializes in dynamic people who want to start an activity related to the Organization of weddings, professional courses to enter the profession of Wedding-Planner and the franchise formula that provides services and advice to form a small production unit in any part of Italy, directly connected to the corporate office. The course to become wedding planners is lasting three days and the price is about 600 euros.

How to start business

If you have already attended courses or are you ready to leave the basics to be known are:

  • Have a website
  • Participate in trade fairs, especially those premises;Here you can meet so many couples in the area ready to consult you!
  • As for the venue is not important, it is not the case to invest money, before you feel the soil and then you evaluate the investment.

The Gains

When the newlyweds are turning to you for the full event preparation, counseling should be free of charge. Your gain is done through committees (roughly 20%) thing you pay directly the suppliers you choose you. If you’re asked for just one advice about your organization, your fee is around 600 euros.