How to Choose a LED Flashlight

The power supply is nowadays very reliable, the more it may surprise unexpected outage. Totter dark house in a vain attempt to find a lighter and candles is not pleasant, let alone safe. Prepare for a similar situation, you can quite easily – you’ll only need a small and inexpensive lamp that will keep guard at a designated place where it immediately in case of need can be found. The market moves plethora of options, how do you choose the right one? Let’s shine the flashlight on.

Long ago odzvonilo classic lamps equipped with a small glass bulb with a tungsten filament. Because of their low effectiveness over time they were replaced by halogen lamps and are currently mainly diodes emitting light, a so-called LEDs. In conventional lamps today in most cases you will encounter just using several LEDs that show high efficiency and luminance, nearly unlimited service life and at the same relatively low cost. When choosing lamps in the home so we can definitely recommend the LED technology.

Intact until a power outage or other unexpected unpleasant event, flashlights probably not use them. A fortiori may occur undetected gradual discharge of the batteries, which would according to Murphy’s Law generations verified with horror to find at the least opportune moment. For this reason, it is recommended flashlight to “feed” primary cells, ie rechargeable batteries, which are generally self-discharge over a considerably longer period of time. Ordinary AA batteries have expiration for several years, while the rechargeable battery can discharge spontaneously within a few weeks.

So how do you choose the right one? If after the torch will not be looking at dubious vendors at the market but rather you go to the stone Elektra, you do not have much to go wrong and you can choose primarily by size, battery type, number of LEDs, and especially prices. The cheapest plastic lamps that are able to reliably fulfill its purpose, take longer for several dollars. If you pay more, you also get a stylish-looking metal lamps that operate bytelnějším impression. Generally, however, it does not make sense to invest in domestic lamps more than two hundred to three hundred crowns.

Hand lamps are mostly powered by a pair of AA (classic “tužkovky”) or a pair of compact AAA batteries. Both types are commonly available in both the electronics stores, for example, in supermarkets or newsagents and 4-packs will cost depending on the brand for several dollars. With the increasing number of LEDs (lamps are mostly equipped with four to nine units) increases the intensity, but also the current consumption. You can count on burning period ranging from units to a few tens of hours. But there are also very small lamps which are supplied, for example, a single AAA battery, which are often supplemented by a carbine or a metal ring so that you can comfortably worn together with a bunch of keys. Useful thing, unless you will not be in the dark, looking for the keys themselves. In some stores, you will meet with lamps with built-in battery and dynamo that can dump using the lever if necessary to recharge and do not have to worry about running out of battery.

Another category is handmade lanterns emphasis on increased resistance to mechanical damage and weathering. This is essentially a lamp made of hard plastic or rubber coated with an outer, which easily take to fall to the ground, ambient humidity or direct contact with water. Such a lamp you can safely leave on a porch or garden, because here can come in handy. As you can imagine, they look for a house key had fallen into uncut grass after an evening garden party and to make matters worse in the rain certainly will not be without light nothing pleasant. In addition, if you indulge in active tourism and summer camping, you will be traveling such a lamp really useful companion.