How to Choose Bathroom Furniture

Many companies in Bulgaria offer bathroom furniture – some importers other manufacturers, respectively choice to the consumer is really big. When we speak of bathroom furniture, most often mention the bathroom furniture – perceive them as a core part this whole rather than tiles or bathroom faucets, for example. This article will review the main types of bathroom furniture profiled by Dictfurniture in this criteria – furniture.

Despite the huge variety of products offered to our local market, we can define basically two types of bathroom furniture – from PVC and wood (such as this hat involve many other similar materials: MDF, HDF, chipboard and natural wood of course). Overall PVC bathroom furniture is entirely ours, a local contraption. In Europe, no such cases, there is this material not accept it at all, may even say that deny any possibility of bathroom furniture made ​​of plastic.

With us, however, that due to the specifics of the bathrooms or poor performance of a particular bathroom furniture made ​​of wood, bathroom furniture made ​​of PVC are extremely preferred option. Even if there are users who understand know that a cupboard is of PVC, and it did not look any more. This “fear” of bathroom furniture made ​​of wood is not accidental – are numerous cases of swollen, bulging, become double or triple thicker similar cabinets.

Guilt about their condition is mostly their manufacturing process – not something bathroom furniture, which should be waterproof (with similar characteristics to the absorption of ordinary bathroom tiles) or at least moisture resistant cost as an ordinary cupboard. If you are made ​​of natural wood must be treated repeatedly with varnish (specialized for this purpose) to complete sealing. The other case – bathroom furniture from MDF or HDF, should also be treated with high-quality lacquers, paints, etc. All these processes are very expensive and normally such bathroom furniture have its high price.

Given the above, it is clear that if we take PVC furniture will go wrong, but if you decide to bet on bathroom furniture of wood, we have to be sure of its origin, as well as guarantees which gives us the manufacturer.

In furnishing modern bathrooms are increasingly present furniture they bathroom.
Shops Ives offer a range of bathroom furniture originating in Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Greece and Poland. Furniture they bathroom sold us are varied as in colors and in terms of the materials used. In stores Ives can be found as waterproof bathroom furniture, and fully waterproof bathroom furniture. Depending on the type and purpose, customers shop Ives can choose between bathroom furniture from MDF, PVC and solid wood. We offer a variety of shapes and sizes bathroom furniture according to the size of the room and its purpose – bathroom, toilet or common bathroom with toilet. Shops Ives provide a huge variety of designs and colors of the bathroom furniture: upper bathroom cabinets, cabinets with mirror with or without lights, lower cabinets with sink bath, countertops bathroom with cupboard, cabinet columns bathroom with different widths and height.