How to Choose Dress Pants?

How to choose pants dress? The main protagonists in the lives of women who work, are quite the dress pants.

Mostly dress pants are very easy to carry and allow us to move comfortably. If you put a dress pants will show an elegant and professional image in your workplace.

Fortunately, we women have the opportunity that today, we can find a huge variety of dress pants. This type of pants are considered timeless garments, because they are used for any season of the year. For that, we must only choose the appropriate fabric and color.

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Many of the current pants have straight, convex, classics and flared designs. The important thing is to choose a pant that is super comfortable and that you like. To choose the right pants, you must know well their texture, the shape of her hips and the shape of his legs.

If you’re a woman who has the wider than your hips/chest, is because your body has the shape of Apple. Therefore, you must purchase or choose pants that are flared and have pockets on the sides. This type of pants with ideals to give volume to the hips, so that his entire body of see balanced.

Otherwise that the top of your body have the same proportions of the lower part of his body, is because your body has the shape of hourglass. That is why trousers that help to form curves in a natural way and without falling into vulgarity are recommended. Pants that are too tight to the body are highly recommended for this type of body, it is best that they are weak and always use them with a cute belt, so will refine its size.

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If hips that possesses are wider than your chest, it is because their body shape is very similar to a PEAR. In this case, you must use straight pants or which are slightly flared, and do not have many decorations or pockets. But, always opt for pants that are of dark colors, such as black, blue, green oil and gray.

People who are thin and have few crooks, it is because it has the rectangular body. This body type can use any type of pants, especially jeans that have wide legs and also skinny pants. But, always try to choose pants that have pockets back and thus be able to give volume to the hips. Another way of forming curves is using pants that are waist low.

Botamangas narrow pants may be used for people who are thin. This type of pants help to broaden the legs and thighs. The pants to the body are great for gorditas people. For example; pants that are botamangas spacious and dark colors, are perfect for people who have a plump legs.

With pants you choose should feel comfortable and relaxed, at the same time it must show a professional and elegant image. Try to buy dress pants that are made of a fabric good, to avoid that it wrinkles easily.