How To Choose Lingerie Color Right For You

The choice of underwear will not only in the style of bra you choose or panty model that you be more comfortable. If you really want to feel you in full in this sexy set of lingerie, you should pay attention to details such as color, and believe me that not just choose the tone that suits you or the color of anything on the season.

A set is to be perfect, as well as style and carve right you must think to choose the color that is right for you. There are three key factors that you should consider when choosing the tone of lingerie: your skin color, your eye color and the color of your hair. Let’s take these points one by one.

The color of your skin

Taking into account the color of your skin is essential since you don’t want to color of lingerie be confused by your skin or it opaque it completely.

If you have light skin – women with light skin almost always look better in light shades, such as cakes, although if they take into account the color of your eyes and your hair (as you will see later), the range of tones is quite extended.

If you have medium or toasted skin – toasted skin women or media look very well on strong and powerful, although an old rose, colors, different shades of mauve and candy are also quite cool.

If you have olive skin – sexy women’s leather olive can be considered tones more strong and bright, just like the women of toasted skin described on paradisdachat. Get away clear super shades.

They If you have dark skin – dark skin women are very fortunate since they can use both colors – that will highlight your skin – as dark and bright colors as the current ringtone “gem” (Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire) and nor that to speak of the prints that will give them an extra touch of sensuality.

The color of your eyes

It’s one of the sexiest things in a woman. The color of your eyes will also dictate the shades of lingerie that will better you and which will better make to look your attributes (which, at the end and at the end is the main objective of the sexy lingerie). Let’s see.

Blue eyes woman – blue eyes enable their holders dress lingerie in all imaginable shades of blue, from the lightest to the most deep and dark. Try also with prints that they mix different shades of blue and even combinations of coffee and blue will make you look spectacular.

Green eyed woman – as in the case of the blue eyes, the happy holders of bright green eyes will highlight in sexy lingerie and elegant in all the shades of that color. Take advantage of that they are trendy and runs to find your set. They will also make you highlight parts in red or a cute bra with flowers by combining both colors.

Dark eyed woman – honey, coffee and even Jet! Women with sexy dark eyes have the possibility of choosing from a variety of colors, more extensive and diverse, including ringtones land, Greens, reds and blues.

The color of your hair

The hair is part of the face and combine it with clothing in general, but in particular with the lingerie, is essential, to highlight your attributes to maximize and achieve an almost surreal image. Do you lights what color?

Golden blonde – women with blond hair They are advised to choose pastel colours, soft and light to not obscure his hair, according to proexchangerates, . Remember that you can slightly vary this choice if you decide to combine it with the color of your eyes.

Sensual brunette – if you have dark hair then lean the stronger colors. The earthy, colorful prints, red, dark blue and even purple will make you stress even more.

Redheads Fogosas – the exotic redheads They may highlight the color of your hair with fine and elegant lingerie in red, blue and green.

Have fun testing colors, shades and formats. Take it as an entertaining game with the can leave very beneficiary.