How to Choose the Date for Your Wedding

Marriage is the dream of every woman, but organize it is in effect a job. If you have decided to get married the first question to be determined is the wedding date.

There are many folk traditions as to which is the best time to celebrate a wedding, whether you decide to get married in the Church that at City Hall.
First of all it is very important that the bride and groom to choose by mutual consent the fateful day of knows.

To decide which is the most auspicious time of year to get married, I recommend that you rely on your instincts. Now, unfortunately, it’s always more difficult than the clemency of the weather in spring and autumn is ensured, the classic seasons from marriage. Even the months of May and September, notoriously popular for weddings, are no longer synonymous with mild climate and most importantly do not exempt the spouse from being wet (and successful!).

A good criterion for choosing the season of marriage can be the destination of honeymooners. For example, if your dream is a honeymoon to the Caribbean plan a winter wedding. In this way you will be able to more easily match the marriage licence entitlement, so that we can afford a honeymoon. If you intend to get married by religious ceremony however remember that the Catholic Church discourages marriage during advent and lent.

And how to choose the day of the week to get married? For years the tradition would have it, according to Weddinginfashion, the religious wedding will celebrate on Sunday. Now more and more often in church marriages are celebrated on Saturday, so as not to interfere with normal ecclesiastical rituals. But most new young married couples must adapt to practical needs, such as reconciling the Church’s availability with the restaurant. This forces many times to move the date to a weekday.

Hardly an ancient proverb advises against getting married to Venus and Mars but increasingly also this last bastion of tradition is dropped. Couples now choose to tie the knot on any weekday, maybe relying on a particular and symbolic date for their romance. The more superstitious can also choose an auspicious day according to the Kabbalah, to start married life under a lucky star.

So get married when you prefer, without limits, but accepted this essay Tip: played in advance! To avoid unpleasant surprises and not arrive exhausted at wedding day scheduled at least six months before the date of your wedding. The last minute weddings, unfortunately, work only in Vegas!