How to Choose The Right Blouse

How to choose his shirt, her blouse? This is the question to ask before purchasing. What price must be put to a nice shirt woman ? What subjects to choose? The choice is so vast that it is often difficult to choose her blouse.

The most important is the price that is to be put and style (dressed casual or relaxes). For proper quality shirt, the price will be a minimum of € 50. Often blouses whose price is between 20 and 40 € are to be avoided because the quality is rarely rendezvous, colors Delavant faster without actual collars and cuffs holding the seams of lower bills. You say that higher price means quality. Well this is not always true. Beyond 80-100 € brand more than the quality you pay. At these prices we already have the excellent quality.

The elements to be considered

For a successful shirt few items are to be considered as the neck, wrists, the right sleeve length and overall look of the blouse (material, color, patterns …).

To better understand what to choose collars and cuffs, I refer you about type of neck and wrist. Two main points should not be overlooked: the rigidity and shape, rigidity to the good performance especially when the neck is raised , the form for style, this is the most important.

  • the e wrist

Choose wrists conventional 1, 2, 3… or Musketeer cuffs with buttons cufflinks, ideal for a business office look for example. Other types of cuffs are reserved for example Neapolitan trend style blouses cuffs for Urban look.

What wrist size to choose? It’s very simple not too wide nor too tight. The good wrist size will require you to unbutton the blouse order to remove if it is sufficiently tight. In this case it may be carried unbuttoned

the neck

Refer to the topic type neck and wrist . the collar must have a minimum of rigidity. Little trick that allows you to choose well: buttoning the collar, the right size must allow to pass a finger no more.

  • Sleeves

Three types of sleeves, short sleeves, 3/4 or long sleeves. The harder it is the long run.

To know the right length, simply stretch his arms. If the handle is too long this will result in unsightly folds. The handle must stop at your wrist. If the handle should not be too long, it should not be my too short. Tip: fold your arms and place your hands at your heart. If the wrist stops at your hand, the length is perfect.

We can see the perfection of the blue and white shirt that carries this model. The sleeves are the right length too long nor too short. Here wrist width is tight enough. We are obliged to unbutton order to remove the blouse.
These two photos above are the perfect example of the imperfection to do especially do not reproduce. The sleeves are too long and too wide cuffs. Note that part of the hand is hidden. This is not tip-top.
The overall look of the blouse

Several aspects to consider: color, its patterns (stripes, diamonds …), its material and its cut.

  • Material

Four subjects are preferred: the most used cotton, linen, denim  and satin or silk for her sexy side. Avoid synthetic materials like polyester. Natural materials are recommended, as benefits: sweating, comfort too. Your skin will look better. Cotton for example is ideal for sweating. A beautiful material that is the basis of everything.

  • Style fabric

There are a multitude of plain, striped, fantasies and different materials. The plain and striped fabrics are recommended for the inhabited held (working girls look, business, street …). Tiles and other grounds are perfect for casual wear, not dressed but street look. The Any Blouses refer you to record blouse or more precisely to this page .

Another point to take into account the thickness of tissue which is called the weight. Thick fabric will be better but also warmer to wear.

  • Its Cut-curved, straight, wide

The cut to its importance, there are rules to abide by its morphology . The most common are the slim fit-slim fit, straight and wide.
fitted-slim fit

This cut is ideal and most fashionable. It is reserved for thin women who are not overweight. Wear with all: jeans, skirts, suits …


the more classic cut to suit all body types. Ideal for women with a few curves.


Cup exclusively for tall women or all overweight people. Often likened to large sizes.

  • The right sleeve length

The length is very important in choosing your blouse. Too long shirt look like a dress, too short will not held once back in the skirt or pants. The most important is the look that is desired: casual, relaxes (short length), working girl, business (long shirt) … See you on follow Blouse extended or retracted in the skirt or pants? for more information. For short length models will not exceed those of your hips.

With all these tips, choosing a perfect shirt no longer be a headache during your next purchases. Finally, opt for the custom shirts , they will be for the shot perfectly to your height. In addition it is not much more expensive.