How to Convert Sony Xperia Tablet Z3 Compact on One Device All in One

Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact we are delighted. Not any casual is that this year will be one of the finalists for best tablet of the year at the Engadget Awards. We have spoken of it to fund and how we can take advantage of to make photographs or for use with our Playstation 4.

Now we want to go beyond this because even a tablet is designed to consume content, increasingly there are more applications that can take full advantage and turn it into an all-in-one capable of anything. Below we explain how this tablet will become a multi-purpose device.

Applications to work

When we think of a tablet it is normal that we do so as a device to consume content, according to It is true, in fact we will talk about later that, but more and more is a tool to take into account to do some professional tasks.

It has a powerful processor, so it makes sense that we can be more demanding with him and use optimized applications that allow us to do some homework. For example: we have two large applications to use a suite of Office Automation in our tablet.

On the one hand we have Google Docs, a suite of applications that we can do a little of everything. Write documents in Word, Edit in Excel spreadsheets and prepare Power Point presentations. Thanks to his connection with Google Drive we can automatically save everything in the cloud and share it between multiple devices.

These applications interface is adapted for tablets work with them is very similar to do so with a small laptop. On the other hand we have Microsoft Office that makes little announcement that would make its version for users of Office 365 for free Android tablets.

For quick notes, we recommend you other two applications: Evernote and Jotterpad. The first is a classic, allows us to annotate with text, audio and images to then synchronize them in the cloud and have them in various devices from

The second, Jotterpad, is a productivity-oriented simple text editor and with which our attention will focus on what you are writing. Remember to take advantage of these applications it is recommended to use a Bluetooth keyboard.

Applications for multimedia content

Work is fine, but we also want to get out to see contents and have a little fun. In the multimedia part we have many applications to get out. Yes, the player that comes by default meets but is not enough.

For example, to listen to streaming music, we have Spotify. We can use the application on mobile devices without the need of a Premium account. All, of course, is that we will hear advertisements between songs. Another interesting option is to Google Play Music.

In the part of video we have a classic as YouTube now also is being updated with the introduction of a video download service to be able to see them without being connected to the internet. It is worth to give a try.

To view videos, Chromecast is a very powerful ally with the tablet we can send to TV content with just one click. Time ago we told you about a few applications that can take full advantage.

Another option to manage libraries of content is Plex. It allows us to have videos and series that are stored on a computer to then streaming in this House over a WiFi connection. Very useful for throw away hours and hours watching movies under the blanket.

Games, your tablet is a Play

Last, but not least, we have the games. Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact has one of the processors more pointers on the market and take advantage of that power to open the most powerful games for Android.

From leading games graphically as The Wolf Among Us or Dungeon Hunter 4 passing through less demanding titles but just as funny as TwoDots.

One of our favorites, and confess to be engaged, is Monument Valley. A simple puzzle game but with a beautiful finish. Remember that you can easily synchronize the remote control of your Playstation 4 to play as if it were a console.

And speaking of consoles, you can use the tablet as a screen for your Playstation 4 and so use TV to other things. Very useful for the most addicted and give us that FIFA without having to fight with anyone for TV control.