How to Do Makeup for a Wedding

Before you start the tutorial on makeup for a wedding, it is very important that we review some key points which we must always bear in mind before you get your hands on. Please note the following key points:

Performs many makeup tests

In advance you have to perform many tests of makeup. The hairstyle and makeup are as important as your wedding dress, it is advisable to not let the makeup for the last hour.

It uses a natural and light makeup

If you’re a bride that you don’t like to apply makeup, I recommend that you use a makeup that is actually natural and light.

Choose matte tones for your makeup

To qualify the brightness of the skin on your face, it is advisable that you choose for your makeup matte shades.

Correct your flaws with makeup

Makeup is a great ally to correct bags, dark circles, pimples and at the same time strengthens our best factions.

Perfectly hydrates your face

On the day of your wedding your face must be shiny and therefore it is recommended to start a hydration plan two months before the wedding.

It optimizes the regeneration of dead cells

It is essential to optimize the regeneration of dead cells so that your skin does not look dry, devitalized, off or aged.

It nourishes your skin with light cream

Use Lightweight creams that are special to nourish the skin and give you a radiant appearance.

Do not choose a makeup that you’re not acontumbrado

You have to be true to your style and not to choose a makeup that you’re not accustomed. It is essential that you look radiant and feel comfortable.

Do not choose a makeup too dramatic

If you don’t like a dramatic makeover, you simply don’t choose it, rather find another type of makeup that you like.

As tea said previously, performs several make-up tests

So you can discover your style in terms of wedding make-up you have to perform many tests of makeup.

Choose makeup water proof

I recommend that you always choose makeup that are water-proof. The EYELINERS and the mask lash waterproof are most suitable.

Makeup for the wedding day

Weddings are very emotional and special for those women who want to look picture perfect and highlight all the guests enter. Apart from choosing a spectacular wedding dress and carrying a beautiful hairstyle, you should pay special attention to makeup to complete your look harmoniously.

At the wedding of the morning, it is highly recommended to try to project a simple but sophisticated and elegant style that highlight your natural beauty. So, follow these tips on how to apply makeup for a wedding day and look super.

1. Make up your face with the perfect products for the occasion

On the wedding day, it is likely that you have heat, sudes and your face is full of unwanted glare that will ruin your look. Therefore, it is very essential that your skin is perfectly moisturised, clean and made up with the products perfect for the occasion. If you see that your skin is tired and off, start with makeup before I suggest that it applies a blister flash effect lift to eliminate signs of fatigue. Use a concealer illuminator to hide imperfections, Granites, blemishes, dark circles, among other imperfections that commonly appear in the face.

2. Use a heavy duty base

Then proceed to apply a base that is strong, that has good coverage and a matte finish, so you don’t have to touch up makeup all the time. Therefore, it is best to for weddings of day use bases with duration of up to 24 hours, so you don’t have to worry about makeup, but more well to enjoy and have fun at the wedding.

3. It clarifies makeup with powder compacts

Then he clarifies makeup with a compact powder the T area of your face and if your skin looks too whitish tone, very carefully use bronzing powders. With this makeup make you look very well and your figure will be the most radiant wedding, but always try to not remove protagonism to the bride.

4. Use shadows in shades

Makeup eye you have to pay more attention, use shades that are in shades of the color range and roses, Brown, beige and blue as the color of your wedding dress. To bring light to your look choose a lighter shade, the only thing you have to do is to apply it in the area of the tear and just below the eyebrow.

5. It draws your eyes

If you want to frame your eyes naturally, you have to outline your eyes at the top by a fine line. If you want to look a look awake, I advise that you makeup with a pencil on blue-green color or color makeup the internal line of the lower eyelid, especially if you’re a bride that has clear eyes. As a final touch, I suggest that you apply in the upper lashes a coat of mascara, if you spill some tears choose a mask to give volume and waterproof.

6. It gives color to your lips

It gives color to your lips in nude colors, or a little more intense and dark according to the tone that you have used for your eyes. To make your lips look more fleshy, bulky, you have to apply a clear gloss on your lips. It is important that you commit a look elegant and natural.

7. Give your cheeks a hint of color

Finally, don’t forget to give the cheeks a hint of color with a Rouge clear and apply it from the center of the cheekbones to the temple. Choose a blush that adapts perfectly to the natural tone of your skin and you used to highlight and accentuate your cheekbones.

Makeup for the wedding night

For a wedding night, the makeup must be carried out with intense neutral colours, that way we can wear whatever.

Used BB Nude Magique

It is important that you show a matte but luminous skin with zero imperfections. Therefore, I advise to use BB Nude Magique, applies easily as if it were a moisturizer. This product equals and unifies the tone, moreover, is so light that your skin will feel soft and comfortable.

Apply shadow to your eyes

For your eyes, you have to apply the shadow the Color infallible 002 by all the mobile eyelid, metallic beige color will help you much, and shine your eyes with a pulled, glossy finish. Then seizes the infallible 014 Color eye shadow, apply it in the corner of each eye, blurring and crossing the basin with the same color. Then, try to frame your eyes with the pencil for eyes Contour Khol which is in Brown; It first outlines up and down, then fades with the sponge which comes built-in on the pencil. Later, mark well the tab with the mask Cil Architect 4 d Black Lacquer, influencing the tabs that are on the top of your eyes.

Use the Rouge Blush Accord Perfect 265

For cheeks choose Rouge Blush Accord Perfect 265, a mixture of Brown and Golden tones that will enhance your cheekbones, simulating a touch of sunshine on one side.

Uses Glam Shine 6 h N ° 116 Fresh

Lastly, for your lips you have to go by the juiciness, using Glam Shine Fresh 6 h N ° 116; Pink and red tones harmonize very well for the night look.