How to Do Makeup for Eyebrow

We know that fashion is full of trends, we can see from the catwalks all that next season will be in full swing, and that since the clothes, even the color of the enamel, hair and, of course, makeup too. Thus, it is not uncommon to see a certain color of lipstick will be high, or enamel color, or type of makeup at high and even, believe me, the shape of the eyebrows, which according to the voice of the main runways around the world, will come strong and marked. So, of course, nothing better than to do a makeup able to enhance the face and still give a raised in the expression.

But, let’s face it, no makeup, no matter how perfect it is, gets the spotlight it deserves if the eyebrows are not set and that’s what we’re going to show you now, how to make a makeup for eyebrow.

See How to Get a Makeup to Eyebrows

Well, for this, the first step is to respect the natural shape of the eyebrow, then is to fill the gaps and control wires rebels with the help of makeup. Well, now let’s see how to do this, a super simple way, counting, with three products of makeup for eyebrow.


For the layout of your makeup to eyebrows don’t look artificial, it is necessary to have a very light hand. Draw risks as by. With the brush, comb the wires against the birth of them to vanish into the pencil and winning naturalness.

Correction on Folder

With waterproof formula and long-lasting, the concealer for eyebrows helps disguise flaws, model and intensify the color and the shape of the eyebrow with a natural effect. For that, should be applied with the help of a brush of makeup for eyebrow. First, brush the hairs down, with the tip of the brush and with the beveled brush and paste, scratch the eyebrow design and then fill in the outline, Fixer and comb jelly. Click here for how to buy.


Who really is not guaranteed with the pencil, or want a lighter result, the shadow is a great option for makeup to eyebrows, especially for those women without a lot of practice to make. Make a scratch on the root hairs of eyebrows, with the help of a brush beveled, and blow the product up, filling in the gaps and ensuring the definition.

Gel or paste

The use of gel or paste is a great option for those who already has white wires and want to disguise them, or even correct the color, especially those who do not want to dye, or for those who want to give body to the skinny wires. To do this makeup for eyebrow, apply the gel with the brush in the opposite direction to the birth of by. That way, you don’t paint the skin and the result is more natural. Then, brush in the right direction to remove excess product.

Suggestions of products of makeup for eyebrow:

  1. Concealer for Eyebrows, Contains 1 g
  2. Eyebrow Arch Brow Sculpting pencil Pencil, Hourglass
  3. Ultra Color eyebrow Pencil, Avon
  4. Eyebrow & Eyeliner Compact, Shiseido
  5. Brow Color powder for Eyebrows, Bare Minerals
  6. Gimme Brow, Benefit

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