How to do Natural Makeup

Natural make-up is quick and easy to accomplish, but impressive for a fresh, bright look.

It is said that the best trick is you can not see, and this is the make-up perfect for all types of day: is fresh and bright and will immediately give your face a refreshed look, even in the early morning.

The nude makeup is based mainly on a basis fully stretched and a very light eye makeup. It then proceeds with the first apply a cream that hydrates our skin, being careful to choose the most suitable, and then continue with a foundation. If you have one of a shade lighter than your skin type so much the better, because we will use it to illuminate the cheekbones, the chin and the center of the forehead, while the rest of the face will use the exact color of the foundation of your skin. Do not worry though if you have not as clear foundation because it can lighten another way facial parts listed above.

Using a concealer suitable’m going to cover dark circles and with a greenish go on all the redness and pimples.

With a powder fixed everything and then I take a creamy eye shadow pearl from Florala ( and create light points on the cheekbones, under the eyebrow and inside the eyes. This will give light to the face and a feeling of freshness.With a dove-gray eye shadow I do a very light shade on my eye. I recommend you are reading because it is a nude makeup and you should not see. I end with a white pencil or a butter-colored pencil on the lower inner rim and put the mascara only on the upper lashes. The pencil will serve to enlarge the eyes and remove any redness that may be just wake up.

I put on my lips just a lip balm and a lip pencil a pinkish color proceed only on the boundary to have more definition, then blend with a brush the pencil toward the center of the lips.Finish off this make-up using a bare earth to make a light contouring under the cheekbones and on the sides of the forehead and with a rosy blush dates a little ‘color from his cheeks bringing the cheekbones.

You will see how with just a few touches of hurt up your skin is immediately more radiant and rested your face.