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For those who have daughter one of the most constant requests of the small is a doll’s house. If your daughter insists on the idea of ​​having the play house, take the plunge and build the house and/or take inspiration from models of dollhouses.

How to make?

It is possible to buy the cottage ready, but of course the little one will love if you even put the “hand in the dough” and build the much desired space. If you do not even know how to start building, we have step by step videos that will help you in this endeavor.

For those who do not give up a sustainable project for the game, this video shows how to make a doll house using milk cartons.

The first step in building space is to decide the dimensions and then just follow the tips of the videos and destroy the work.

Ideas and photos of dollhouses

If you decided to build the dollhouse for your daughter, but need inspiration for the project, we separated beautiful houses.

Doll wooden house

The wooden houses are the closest to the design of a real house and so are the favorites among the girls.

If your intention is to build or gift your daughter with a wooden house, remember that it should be kept in a covered place to protect it from rainfall and ensure a longer toy life following Wholevehicles.

The wooden houses should also have a good finish, so that there is nowhere to get rid of barbs and nails on display, so children will not get hurt by joking.

The details make the difference in the home of the little ones. In this project the shingle tile was used to make a more beautiful roof. The light colors and the windows and the door with leaked details leave the cottage more delicate.

The design of the white and pink little house gained feminine details as hearts leaked on the door and windows. The eaves of the roof also received a detail in waves.
This project is a smaller size home replica. Besides the choice of wood, the window boxes and the curtains left the cottage delicate.

The design of this house received an extended balcony, since most of the houses have only a balcony in front, while this little model received the space in all its surroundings.

The colors can also be the differential of your little house. In addition to the colors, small details like hearts leave the house with another look.

The doll house can also receive an extended deck and even a few highchairs so the children can play.

Plastic dollhouse

One option is to use dollhouses made of plastic, which can be bought and are easy to assemble.

The house is more water resistant, and although practice is not an exact copy of a real home, and so may not be the girls’ favorite.

The plastic dollhouses are usually very colorful, and the models may vary, like the one that has a balcony and outside table.

This little model is bigger and besides the extended external table, it still has the option of 2 doors for the entrance and exit of the children.

Another option is to buy a plastic doll house in a different format like this little model, which even has sink and faucet.

If the space is restricted to the house, one option is to buy a smaller little model, like the one in the photo.

Doll house prices

The wooden houses that are commercialized have a salgadinho value and vary around R $ 2500,00. Of course, this value may vary by store, house size, and toy details.

For those who do not have the ability to build the house at home and the budget is not allowing to buy a wooden house, one option is to use the plastic models that have an average price starting at R $ 500.00.

Now that you know everything about a doll’s house, you just have to meet the children’s request and build or buy this space where fun will be guaranteed for the little ones, so everyone can play together in the little house and enjoy the children’s corner.

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