How To Earn Respect From Your Dog

Love and respect

It is what many owners want to know: how to earn the respect of your dog. The dog almost always gives love to his owner, but does not always give him respect as well. It is not so difficult to differentiate. The dog who loves you lies with you, always wants to be with you, just to see you put cheerful. The dog respects you sees you as a leader, you never barks not jump on you and your teeth never touch your skin, even in a game of tug of war.

The best way to earn respect from your dog is starting from is a puppy. However, the following tips will serve you throughout your life. In this way you will establish balance in your relationship with your dog and he will achieve not only love you but respect you always.

Avoid punishing your dog

The big question of Machiavelli: you better love or fear you? If we leave behind philosophy for centuries and incredibly outdated methods to train animals, you will realize that punishing a dog does not carry any good. When you punish your dog or even a child, you do not win their respect, but fear. Depending on the level of punishment, especially when the punishment is assimilated to cruelty, fear can be so terrifying that can cause irreversible trauma.

If you must use a punishment always uses negative punishment that is when you remove something nice for your dog, like taking a toy if you do not want to share with you or stop a ride if you pull the belt. Positive punishment, when you add something unpleasant, like a blow, a cry or shock, is quite harmful and results in the deterioration of the dog-owner relationship. Avoid them.

Put clear rules

You must set the rules with your dog. For example, you can climb to your bed ?; Can you get on the furniture ?; if you’re going to get out, do you mind if you leave before you or follow you prefer? You have to have rules and allow your dog to follow. Do not suddenly change or just confuse the dog and you both end up frustrated.

Find the balance between love and discipline

Your dog deserves your love, but do not give it by giving it. Mimes do not have a dog or excessively rude and does not respect anyone. You will be the only culprit of that. The demands must never tolerate. It is best to ignore a dog barking when you want you feed or take it out for a walk. By ignoring the bad behavior that is not dangerous, you can edit or gradually extinguish.

When you choose to correct the behavior rather than ignore it, you have to know how to do it correctly. How do you correct the dog if he jumps over people or barks too? How do you reward? Be consistent. The timing is very important rewards good behavior and correct misbehavior only at the time of the act.

Spend time with your dog

If you do not see you, did you respect? It is difficult to respect those who never present or not spend time with you. You have to strengthen the bond that unites you to your dog. Games like hide and seek, together frisbee and exercises like walking, running, swimming or hiking are enriching not only for him but also for you. Classes for dogs, whether training classes or sports, give them a common goal.

Even brief activities, such as playing tug of war or you bring a ball will make you and your dog have a great time.

Cater to the needs of your dog

Every dog ​​is different and it is your duty to understand you, your needs and the needs of their race. If you have a large or strong dog, almost all require a high level of exercise. Working dogs such as Rottweilers or German shepherd, are dogs who need a purpose. A bloodhounds, as the dachshund and beagle, love to snoop, so a class tracking them is great.

The terrier and terrier dogs qualities are of great personality, so educate them to behave well with people and teach small breeds to be submissive is indispensable. Do not neglect your dog. Remember that socialization , the exercise and daily activities are requirements for all dogs regardless of size, race or age. If you do not invest the time you need, your dog may end up anxious, bored, hyperactive or aggressive . His behavior could become a nightmare.

Use ranking exercises

Not everything that is said about the ranking exercises is true. These exercises serve to establish positions in the pack, but we must properly used. In this case it would be to establish that you are the leader and your dog has to gain certain things. Not because your dog means that you have to give everything when he wants without having to do anything in return.


For example, ask your dog to lie down before giving the food to sit by the door before you put the leash to take him out or wait a few seconds before he let greet someone. The prize is that he looks forward: the food, the walk, greet or play with someone. If your dog does what you ask, praise him and reward him.