How to Fit a Plus Size Bra

According to the survey, the majority of Czech women problem with choosing a well-fitting bra, which should be not only a decoration, but also a good bust support. As a result, many women soon find that their bra does not fit or was not feeling well. Choose bras not only beautiful, but also well-fitting and appropriate for you and your beautiful breasts.

One of the mistakes often mistakenly selected circuit. Woman must bra during the day and pulled out a few times, feeling the necessary support bra during heavy lifting by hand, the circuit moves and you can see and feel part of the breast below the bottom edge of the bra.

Another feature inappropriately chosen bra may be too small cupcake when the substance into his chest cuts, so breast. Overflowing or too large basket where the substance of the chest sticks out.

The consequence of frequent wear very well-fitting bra can be, inter alia, changing the shape of the bust. Most often we talk about the so-called. Sagging breasts, due to the lack of a firm bra that it does not constitute sufficient support for the bust, there is a permit ligament, which is no longer able to bear the weight of the breasts.

Choose the Bra

How to choose the right bra?

On the way to the store with underwear is good to know its extent. In any good business should provide you a saleswoman always willing to help and advise for breathable big size.

Still, it is good to know at least the circumference under the breasts. Find the circuit very simple: upright, as you exhale, measure the circumference as tightly under her breasts. The circumference of the chest then measured in a natural position at the widest point.

The resulting values​​, you still had to round down, because agents are flexible, and over time may allow.

What are some other features which you should follow when choosing the right bra?

Bra straps should sit nicely, should incise, creating sores, or slide down.

Turning bras should be switched on at the level of whalebone front, if the closure lifted, you must enable hangers.

Underwire should be pressed to her chest, between the skin and Kostic should not crawl finger.

When choosing a specialty bras, such as sports or opportunity for nursing mothers, it is advisable to consider what exactly is designed bra. For example bras to sports must be ensured that breast was firm in her bra, but should not be too close together, each breast should store separately.

When choosing bras for breastfeeding mothers wait until close to the date of birth. Shoulder straps should be wider rather to better hold the weight of swollen breasts, the basket should be a place for sponges to prevent leakage of milk and subsequent staining clothing or faux pas. It is advisable to buy a bra with the closest possible circuit as well as a basket of one number higher – after childbirth, breast pour.

These are the basic points that you would when choosing a bra should follow. So whether you’re a teenage girl, athletic woman, nursing mother, wife expecting woman working age or just a woman, I believe that you, our guides on how to choose the right bra will be a big help and assist you in choosing the best fitting bra.