How to Recognize Quality Jeans

On this day, is a pair of jeans for every occasion rigid flexible materials, and dark blue denim been violated in light-colored, but how do you know whether the high-quality jeans?

Journalist and fashion blogger Jani Niipola told Good Morning Finland, what kind of jeans are most often they are of the highest quality. Niipola points out that the quality should be an important criterion for selection of jeans into the already due to their history.

– Jeans is, however, a laborer trousers traditionally, Recipesinthebox says.


High-quality denim is surprisingly easy to recognize color and fingertip feel when controlling basis. Distressed jeans Niipola not particularly high-quality jeans for those seeking recommended.

– In most cases, it is the highest quality fabric is a really stiff, hard, dark blue, raw denim, which begin a few days to feel really dull, but then begins to take shape as a separate, Niipola says.

Wash New Jeans Correctly

Dark Blue jeans will never be washed immediately after the first application. Dark color jeans always wears the top and, at worst, a washing machine can ruin your new pants by leaving them messy stripes.

– What is important is that they (jeans) are not worth the first wash in order to get them to wear then for the items as you want, Niipola says.

– Too lazy by its very first consumption of them will be just yours! Niipola advises.