How to Sleep in a Nightie

Nights follow but not alike. Therefore, the range of nightwear offers all women a choice according to their desires and needs. For if one seeks above all the comfort to sleep, nothing prevents to remain attractive. For all those who wish to bring a sensual touch to their dreams, discover the babydoll, light and soft as a caress.


Is it still necessary to introduce this particularly lightweight sleepwear shaped little short dress with spaghetti straps?

She appeared in the locker room night during the 1950 model is created overseas by Nancy Mecher; it is transparent and nylon material wrinkle. The nightie fills the screen by displaying the body lavish Hollywood stars of the time. This evocative piece allowed to disclose with refinement that American Puritanism tended to hide. also carried by the pin-up, she accomplished a revolution by bringing the concept of seduction sleepwear. Shorter than a nightgown, and more sensual, she gracefully highlights the female form, hints at the hips and relieves the chest. From the 60s, the frills and bows multiply before gaining sobriety in the next decade.

This model is generally worn above the knee but there are long nighties for a glamorous look.

This nightwear is made of various lightweight materials like satin, nylon, cotton, silk. lace and tulle keys are sometimes added for even more charm.

Depending on the model it occurs with or without reinforcements for breasts. It depends on the purpose and the intended use …

The Baby Doll

The baby doll is a very sexy nightie model. It completely open at the front with two large sections of tissues that fall under the chest.

She appeared to night lingerie department in COUNTESSSLEEPWEAR and named sleepwear after the eponymous film by Elia Kazan released the same year. It was telling you, the American actresses of the time extol the clothes of a new kind.

Its name refers to the style of the woman-child as innocent and naive appearance proves to be a real seductress.

The baby doll is for sure the most effective way to raise the temperature without exploding his heating bill!

The Combinette

The combinette is a modern version of the suit, long dress in lightweight fabric that women wore under their clothing. It has the shape of a small very short dress, stopping at mid-thigh or less and the cut is very close to the nightie.

It is usually made of satin or silk and has the distinction of being worn at night to sleep the day or under a dress.