How to Store Earrings

Even when the look is the most classical and sober, with dangling earrings from the original forms and bright colors can also revive a white t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Get jiggy with abbinamente and collect the hair into an elegant chignon to better present your accessories collection.

Earrings: accessories for every occasion

Elegant and sophisticated if sober and minimalist lines, colorful and vibrant in their most striking versions: pendants earrings are versatile and adaptable to every occasion. From the office to the beach, you’re going to adore so much these jewels that you will not have room to store them. Circular or teardrop-shaped, woven with colored beads: play with these precious details to enrich the outfit of each day or one dedicated to a special evening. Earrings can really be used in every situation and season; everything is in the combination of colors and shapes. Among the most significant trends definitely the pastel or fluorescent: with details of coral, emerald green and gold rose to the amazement of her friends will be guaranteed. Learn how to use larger earrings through

Earrings: how to store them

Often underestimated, storage of jewelry and accessories it is very important: order and cleanliness allow you to keep your bright and shiny earrings, without losing the precious clasp for closure or lose in the bottom of a drawer a piece of the couple, as well spaiando earrings.

  • Jewelry and organizer for jewelry. To maintain order in the bedroom and not be late appointment because you have spent the last half hour trying dangling earrings coral color, what you need is a jewelry box. With practical drawers or divided into convenient compartments, you can divide the colors based on jewels, materials and usage occasions.
  • Jewel case mannequin. These accessories are particularly suitable for dangling earrings: even when placed in jewelry, in fact, could become entangled one another and for models handcrafted fabric this becomes a real problem. With jewel-dummies, however, it is enough to fix the pairs of earrings fixing them in special pockets, and we will be sure to never lose them. A solution of this type becomes a beautiful centerpiece with which to exhibit your entire collection of earrings.
  • Cleaning. Each material requires a different treatment, in particular those precious as gold and silver. Generally, though, you can wash your earrings leaving them to soak in a water and mild detergent solution, and then make sure you dry them completely and then help yourself with the hair dryer. To remove even the most stubborn residue use a toothpick, but if you do not trust to wash you can use a soft cloth to clean your earrings.

Useful tips: If you lose an earring pendant used what remained to be applied only as a pendant on a chain for a necklace or bracelet.

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The charm of an outfit changes depending on the chosen details and dangling earrings are always a great choice when it comes to give a touch of character to put in more summer and winter. If you have a fair complexion and hair from golden hues, opt for the dangling earrings made ​​of semiprecious stones and turquoise shades, to liven up clothes with style.
If you have the typical Mediterranean colors, framed her face with vagaries in warm shades.
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