How to Wear a Jacket with Jeans?

Earlier duet jacket and jeans was considered ridiculous and tasteless as jacket treated to the official or business style of xxl clothing. But at this moment tandem of fashion ladies’ jacket, jeans firmly entrenched in the fashion world. Most important – to be able to choose jeans and feminine jacket.

What Exactly Jackets Should be Worn with Jeans?

Lately girls are increasingly wondering whether it is worth to wear a jacket with jeans? Almost all designers argue that to jeans will suit any jacket – and shortened and extended. The only thing clear – jackets look good with straight or enough jeans. But denim products should be very closely oblegaty foot as well in this case will look broken or burned models. Not worth carrying models with different interior – embroidered as fashion items such passes too quickly.

Move on to tissue for jackets. By jeans should choose products from diverse and dense fabrics such as cashmere, wool, tweed, corduroy and suede. You can also choose a coat of lighter materials – silk, velvet or cotton. Disrespectful tone is believed to combine jeans with leather jackets.

Shape of the jacket can be what all – waisted baggy shortened or wide. Do not go around the party and Sport models bag or in the form of a classic tuxedo. Importantly, careful to your jacket had too formal look. Ideally it will be a model jacket.

Boldly experiment with shoes that will complement the whole image. Add more sexuality will help high-heeled shoes – sandals or shoes. Also with jackets and jeans look great moccasins, ballet flats, boots- yes, almost any shoes but sneakers.

As for color, then black jacket perfectly to dark jeans and a white jacket model looks good with blue jeans pants.