How to Wear Leggings Stylishly

How to Wear His Socks (Lower Leg Or So)

As you know, you can email me to ask me any questions relating to Drawer Tights and legwears in general that run through your mind. In general, you worry especially about whether one size suits you.

There are some time, a lady who had bought leggings written me by explaining that his socks rolled down her thighs and forcing, it was not pretty. As I take care to choose the leggings tights drawer with a wide elastic band on the upper thigh and stretch well, I was pretty surprised. So I asked her how she wore leggings. She explained that she did not like to show her thighs so she went back them as low.

So this is what I explained: The socks are very scalable, so you can wear them easily as there.However, if the door this way, high on the thigh Therefore, we must match them with a suspender belt that will keep them in place. Otherwise, indeed, it rolls.

By cons, if you want to wear your leggings conventionally, that is to say just above the knee or just above, it will not roll.

In fact, there are many ways to wear leggings: Pleated on the ankle or calf, just above the knee or mid thigh and finally way down!

And if you want (you) offer pretty leggings is here that it happens!

Leggings, who, why, how?

Remember, the leggings are these great socks that go above the knee but not high enough to be low. In short we put on and is back to mid thigh aillant not afraid to stretch a bit! Drawer tights, leggings have all our broadband elasticated top of the thigh, which holds them in place no matter what!

There are all sorts: the United leggings for the more sober, the striped leggings for funny and even lace leggings to fire at the Emilyleggings! Some are thick and agree in winter to keep your gams warm, while others, finest, can be worn alone when it’s soft or over tights to brighten holding cold weather.

What is nice with the pad is that we can do many things!

First, for the most conservative, a very simple style and classy: A little plain, straight dress, a jacket and a pair of leggings and voila!

For those who like scratches, same outfit playing with color stripes: You choose the purple and black striped leggings? Match the shoes and a black skirt and a small purple sweater!

Little is also wear them under boots or even under waders. These show that will leave your upper leg, take the opportunity to choose leggings that feature a thigh reason!

If you choose to wear them with boots, you can choose to let them down accordion on your calves.

The more cautious carry them under their trousers or even under their ski suit!

Finally, those who do not want to show their legs could take them with shorts or a skirt / dress down to the knee.

You’ll understand, a pair of leggings can be matched with several outfits to always different styles! The drawer Tights, proposed by you of all sorts of stripes, United, with or without foot, patterned…