How to Wear Open Knit Cardigan

As temperatures drop crocheted cardigans become one of the most popular clothing for women. Their diversity of colors and lengths involves combining different.
When you buy a cardigan, you should take into account its length. If you are low in any case do not buy too long cardigan because it will shrink even more optically.
The combination of a leather jacket and a long cardigan became quite up to date this year. When it mandatory cardigan must be longer than the jacket and has a bright color such as green or yellow, so that it stands out.

If you are dressed entirely in neutral colors, crocheted cardigans can be an excellent accent to your outfit.

Broad cardigans at itypeusa will also have advanced this season. When you wear them, however, we must consider that matter and form goes only denim, whether jeans or shirt.
Short and tailored jackets as an alternative to large, also remain modern for the season. They can be used in addition to shirts, thin sweaters or blouses with long sleeves.
Jackets with wide sleeves best suited for combination with formal dresses. Their rule is if you dress in a bright color cardigan is in neutral and vice versa.

Long to the ground cardigans are eccentric because what is good and to be more colorful. These jackets must be of thinner material and in no case should be combined with bulky clothing.

This winter date will be jackets with asymmetrical edges in some options they have and hood.

If you want to wear a cardigan in the office most appropriate to combine it with classic style shirt and trousers. The rule is as follows – long jackets worn with straight pants and short – wide.

If you like vintage style brooch is the perfect accessory for your jacket. The most frequently attaches on the right or on the left side of the chest. If you cardigan your free buttons, you can use a brooch to close it.