How to Wear Plus Size Swimwear

Many girls have asked me to give tips on how to use swimwear plus size and I feel that a lot of people have trouble finding a bikini or swimsuit cool and that let the body beautiful. I’m glad that today there are many brands focused on plus size models. So let’s the tips for you to get that t-shirt and shorts from the trunk and put a bikini or bathing suit beautiful!

1- Pick bikinis that the bottom is hot style pant, high waist and wide side because it disguises the belly and is far more harmonious in the body.

2- At the top is interesting to highlight the breasts so choose a women’s swimwear with wide straps that will provide support and preferably without bulge.

3- If you don’t feel comfortable in a bikini you can abuse the swimsuit that looks great in the plus size body and there are so many gorgeous models that you won’t know which one to choose.

4- Abuse of the pictures, don’t be afraid to use but prefer those of small size. Another tip is that the geometric prints give illusion of slimmer and with dark background also.

Don’t be ashamed to be what it is, show your body. I just find that bikini or bathing suit who value your body and kick butt at the beach, sunbathe and enjoy the summer.

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