How to Wear Sweatshirts

Where does the name Sweatshirt?

“Sweat” in English “sweating”. Hence the sweatshirt takes its name. Because originally the permeable shell for athletes was thought who wanted to draw a warm sweater warming up or after exercise. The flocked inside of the shirt absorbs sweat well and thus ensures a pleasant body climate. Meanwhile the world has long since conquered sweatshirts but beyond the playing fields. Whether for cozy weekend on the sofa or as a casual look with jeans, they are an integral part of the fashion world.

How to Wear Sweatshirt

How to wear sweatshirts as office look?

With a few styling tips make sweatshirts in a fine figure. A white blouse under the sporting shell gives the outfit instantly add a touch of elegance. For monochromatic shirt blouse collar must be calm and patterned or embellished. Even accessories such as a necklace or a scarf worth the look. Business suitable sweatshirts are also combined with trousers or skirts made of precious materials and elegant shoes like pumps or boots.


How to combine longshirts?

Longshirts best fit tight pants like leggings or skinny jeans. The leggings should be one color and without gloss effects when the shirt is multi-colored. Even with skirts combine well with the long tops. Caution, however, at Minis as quickly gets the impression that they disappear under the shirt. held together with a belt makes Longshirts a feminine figure.


Shirts with which section shape at large bust?

Deep, wide necklines are particularly advantageous because they draw the eye up and make a beautiful neckline for this character type. They emphasize both the horizontal line and the vertical line of the upper body. This restores balance and harmony. Such cutting forms are as heart-outs, diamond cutouts, deep V-necklines or wide round neck cutouts.


Shirts with which part-form in smaller bust size?

Near neck, wide cut-outs as the submarine shape emphasize the shoulder line and act at small bust advantageous because they make the shoulders appear wider. For slim women also high round neck cutouts and turtleneck are a good choice. Let the neck somewhat stronger and look shorter.


Further information

Popular variants: T-shirts, ¾ length sleeves shirts, long shirts, sleeveless shirts, shirt-jackets, sweatshirts, sweat jackets

Material: Cotton, mixed fabrics, viscose, stretch cotton, viscose stretch, synthetic fabric, lace


Ladies sweat shirts

Coming from the sport range of, shirts for ladies and sweat shirts present today as a versatile fashion partner for everyday and leisure use. Record online on you can find a wide selection of Blazer & Suits, dresses and women’s shirts and sweat shirts in many sizes and color variations. Other features include basics like models in trendy patterns.


For women to discover shirts & sweats

The plain-colored sweat is gratifying easy to combine. With easy close-fitting shape and hood watches ladies jeans as well as to dress pants. The slightly roughened inside provides comfortable wearing. Details such as open edges and a kangaroo pocket impart sweats accents in the usual laid back style. Eyes are also logo prints and inspired by vintage lettering and thick cords in Kontrastton.

How to Wear Sweatshirt 1

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