How to Wear the Dress Over Your Pants

The dress over jeans made a comeback. Me either, I wasn’t sure: this is the outfit I would have chosen in the early 2000s to play the fury with a Véronique Cloutier to bleacheepixie cut. And now it’s fashionable? It’s all over the street style? Well, Yes! Fashion is cyclical… After frantically consulting Pinterest, I admit, now, I like this overlay! Are you ready to take a chance in 2016, you also? Here is the guide step by step to change this trend of your wire Pinterest to the streets of Montreal.

1. Sham Overlays
Start with layering your pants with high ‘at slots”, as so well do Danielle Bernstein WhoWhatWear, Amy Ramirez of Toks and Ellen Claesson of Radar Magazine. Maxi t-shirts and tunics notched high, about the size, will give a perfect illusion: you are almost wearing a dress over your pants. Same for blouses dresses worn knotted or dresses to the original openings (we remember with emotion the holding of Emma Watson at the Golden Globes in 2014).

2 Choose The Narrow Pants

After becoming masters of illusion, like this woman in this photograph of the blog STYLE of THE WORLD, are you ready to proceed to the second step: wear a red dress over your pants. Start slowly: join Christine Reehorst FashNChips or then as Gabrielle Lacasse lace + flowers and opt for a skinny or a black jeggingg with a simple dress. Then have fun with textures and colors, and alternate between the narrow cuts of trousers (skinny, mom jeans, own workout pants, etc). For example,Thanks to Fashion Mashid went to a dress-shirt Blue Navy Plaid as well as a hole skinny jeans .

  1. Go crazy
    Now that you have successfully passed the first two steps, you are ready forFashion Weekin New York, as much as Leandra Medine of Man Repeller and Christine Centenera-fashion Director ofVogue Australia – and Aimee Song from Song of Styleblog, photographed by Timur Emek. Overlay textures, wool, Veil, satin, net, with flared, torn, pants legs of an elephant, marine, Khaki, white, pattern. Play boldly with volumes for a performance even more fashion-forward. The whole dress over pants is a gamble, so both about there, go all the way! Have some guts. Dare. Have fun. The possibilities are endless!