How to Wear the Leather Jacket

Classic Grand, the man leather jacket is worn during both warm weather than cold. It will quickly become a centerpiece of your dressing.

Ow to choose?

Because the leather jacket is a certain investment, it is important not to make mistakes in the choice of the latter.

  • Do not hesitate to pay the price
  • Choose your cut / material
  • Choose a jacket style that suits you
  • Walking heart stroke

Under what circumstances wear it?

From casual chic style dandy look, the leather jacket adapts to many situations, from the manly look to the neat appearance. Rather city? Wear your leather jacket on the softwareleverage. For a style-wise, go to the racer! Leather is a noble material, we recommend three colors for your jacket: brown, gray or black. For a trendy style, pair your leather with a colored chino or a plain jeans. It all down with a pair of white sneakers or dress shoes rising.

What style favored?

The look you choose should fit your body

  • The aviator
  • perfect Le
  • the racer
  • the Teddy
  • the bomber

A changing section for a different look! For a “preppy” style, match your leather with a pastel or dark shirt, and a printed chino that will add volume to your outfit. Feel free to play with the materials, giving your leather jacket with a denim shirt, reinforcing the masculine side of your outfit.

Our selection of leather jacket

A leather jacket aged to perfection, for a vintage look. Associated with chinos and a shirt, your style will be emulated!