HTC One M9 Plus: Photographed Ultra Offshoot With Dual-Cam

Has the HTC one M9 dual camera suddenly yet again? No! The images that leaksfly now reach Twitter account via the network, apparently for the first time show the stronger offshoot of the new flagship of HTC. Whether this now HTC one M9 plus or ultra will be called HTC one M9, let the exciting shots unfortunately open.

HTC One M9 Plus: Photographed Ultra Offshoot With Dual-Cam

At first glance, it becomes clear that is the supposed HTC one M9 plus visually much more clearly different from the previous HTC one M8 – and the although the stronger offshoot of the new smartphones apparently again has a dual-camera in his luggage. Unfortunately, nothing about the capabilities of the special camera reveals leaksfly in his tweet. So he leaves also, whether the main objective in the finished HTC one M9 plus will be really so great, or whether perhaps the enormous cut-out is due to the prototype status of scanned device.

Also A Fingerprint Scanner To Be Included

Leaksfly but instead reveals that the HTC one M9 plus, as he calls the Smartphone, should receive a 5.5-inch Quad-HD display, a Snapdragon 810 processor, 3 GB RAM and a fingerprint sensor. The latter feature is also confirmed by a photo, which shows an icon in the settings of your Smartphone. Installed the scanner for your fingerprint is apparently the home button, which sits in the plus version of the HTC one M9 as well as many other devices on the front below the display. >>

It is questionable whether even more images from the source of leaksfly are expected in future: in a further Tweet this namely explained that filed a lawsuit against the responsible engineer could be on the way, because to see the tell-tale model number of the prototype on the photos. Only a few minutes later there was even then the confirmation to this conjecture: who shot whatever the first photos of the HTC one M9 plus, apparently already legal action be taken against him.