HTC One Mini: Luxury in the Mini Pack

HTC One Mini would offer the same luxury feel as big brother HTC One – fixed to a cheaper money.

The history of HTC is a testament to how fast everything changes in mobile industry. A few years ago, the company was considered as Android manufacturer with large A following success of the htc Desire. At the time, was the Samsung more or less considered as a joke.

Three years later, there is much that is different. Now HTC a allltmer doldrums in the shadow of Giants Samsung and Apple. The company, however, has continued to release great phones. Latest top model HTC One – acclaimed by reviewers around the world – was appointed recently to the» this year’s smart mobile phone «of the Association eisa (European Imaging and Sound Association). But the big sales success has still not appeared. For some time now plagued the company instead of rumors about layoffs and a sale.

It is in the light of this that HTC in July announced that there would be a smaller, cheaper version of the HTC One. Appearance (design), the models are very similar to each other. Both phones have a kind of aluminium casing with curved back and dual speakers on the front. But as always, the details are important, and there are significant differences. HTC One Mini has a frame of white plastic that runs along its sides on the phone. All the buttons are made of plastic as well. This pulls the correct sharply from the luxurious and elegant htc sense which allows One to one of the most beautiful Android mobile of all time. Regardless this is the HTC One Mini still a sturdy build, and definitely sharper than most in the mid-range segment in terms of design.

So differs One Mini ate

How does One Mini from top model HTC One? It is a relevant question. First and foremost is the mini version is both less-4.7-inch screen is replaced with one of 4.3 inch – and easier than HTC One.Mini handset weighs just 122 grams, compared with 143 grams as the flagship weighs in on. The combination of size and weight make One Mini to a hot option for those who like to Androidlurarna at five inches and more is way too big.

One model was one of the first with a full HD resolution. Super LCD2 monitor on One Mini has a slightly more modest resolution of 720 times 1280 pixels, resulting in a pixel density of fully acceptable 342 pixels per inch. Screen brightness and color reproduction is absolutely the best I’ve seen among this year’s Mid-con.

Compromises in the mini version

Self clearly, HTC has been forced to make some compromises with the mini version of the HTC One. The quad-core Snapdragon 600-systemchippet of One is replaced in One Mini towards the more modest chip Snapdragon with two processor cores. The same applies to the ram: 2 Gb has slimmed down to 1 GB. One Mini is hardly the fastest phone in our benchmark suite.

Comprehensive income in Antutu-app lands on 11 074 points, which can be compared to a score of 16 396 for Xperia SP, a Sonylur from last spring that is also several hundred cheaper. But the benchmark results are not everything. The user experience is at least as important, and I never feel Mini handset as tough or tired when I have it with me.

Sense 5 awesome nice

HTC One and One Mini running Android 4.2.2 and Sense 5, HTC’s own interface. Sense 5 offers a sober, clear and simple structure. The interface is also darned nice, and works really well on the smaller 4.3-inch screen. Among the features that stand out are Blinkfeed – a stream on your home screen that collects the latest updates from social media and selected news sources. It is really smart. In the end, I stop to open Facebook to see if something new has happened. Big plus for the elegant photo and Gallery apps.

One Mini is darned good among the headset that is not top of the range. But there are two things that don’t make me absolutely convinced. The first is the price. More than 4 000 SEK is no mini-price, and should be compared with the price at just over 3 000 SEK for the competitor Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini.

And then there was this battery life. In the mini version of the htc One has 2 300 mAh battery rated to provide space for a 1 800 mAh battery. Our battery test of the handset lands certainly in five hours and seven minutes, which is great. But when I use the phone, I find it difficult to make your battery last for an entire work day, which in turn is right frustrating.

The camera does not keep the measure

Just like the HTC One is One Mini equipped with a 4-camera with Ultra Pixel Technology. The idea of the ultra-pixel camera is that each pixel in the sensor should be larger to let in more light in dark lighting conditions. But the camera in One came to be sawn plenty of critics.

Camera portion in One Mini is the same as in One, but with a significant difference. One Mini model has no optical image stabilizer (ois). Sure, there’s an anti-skak-mode, but many of the photos i take in dark light is still very blurry and out of focus. The camera’s dynamic range feels limited and it is often possible to find much noise in the images. Best becomes the image quality when you take photos straight from the front in really good light. But how often is the lighting conditions?

In summary: HTC One Mini is a solid and competent mellanklasslur. But the price tag is still too high, especially considering that the man removed some properties – full hd screen, optical image stabilizer – that makes the HTC One to the toppenlur it is.

“On the other hand”

Daniel Hessel: It does not distinguish many hundred pieces between One Mini and big brother One, yet it is two completely different phones on all levels. Had Mini cost a thousand smaller, it would have been interesting, but now it’s mostly a good phone with far too high price tag.