Huawei Expects Growth of 10 Percent Per Year

Chinese Huawei expects that the next year will be a growth for the company at around ten percent a year.

The Chinese mobile giant Huawei expect in each of the next five years, an annual growth of 10 percent, especially on smartphones and network services in “the cloud”. It writes our site.

Huaweis current top executive, Guo Ping, predicts continued growth in the IT and telecommunications industry and believe it comes from four main areas; network services, people take their own equipment with on workplace, greater use of data and the smart phone will take its place from the “regular” cell phone.

Last year, net profit grew 32 percent to in Huawei with the equivalent of about 14.1 billion Danish kroner – out of a turnover of 201.8 billion Danish kroner. And Huawei’s sales in China rose by 12.2 percent, North and South America with 4.3 per cent, while in Europe, the Middle East and Africa grew by 6.1 and 7.2 percent in Asia.

Chinese Huawei has 155,000 employees, of whom 74,000 of these own shares in the company. The management team consists of three people, which rotates around the entries (in a six-month intervals) and thus take turns to be the top executive.