Instagram: Eddy Notifications And Feed Sorting

Panic Instagram users! The end of the chronological feed is fast approaching and many pre-emptively warn your followers. Unfortunately still no notifications can be switch on and on Twitter, Instagram tried to smooth the waters.

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In the week before Easter, rumors that Instagram surrounded its feed of the chronological on automatic sorting condensed. This provides – such as for Facebook – an algorithm for it that you get to see not all photos, but only the images he deemed important.

No Notifications Available

Numerous users of the photo app responded in a panic over Easter. She posteten pictures which called on the notifications to their profile to turn on just as it is necessary on Facebook. The whole thing had only a minor flaw: in the menu on the the arrow shows, are still cooking no notifications. After the first scare, many Instagrammer have noticed yourself and the corresponding posts deleted – including us.

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No Change Of The Feed

So far, there is but still no change to the Instagram feed. The photo service itself once again clarified that on Twitter: you listen to users and assure you that nothing has changed up to now (!). Because that the feed will change, it is clear no later than by promises to inform the user if the changes on a large scale to take effect. Small-scale, the changeover is currently tested and positive experience for all enabled.

The whole thing is reminiscent of Twitter. Also the conversion of the news feeds from a chronological on automatic sorting caused much resentment among users. A few days before the changeover CEO Jack Dorsey tried to appease them and announced that nothing has changed. It was however in the next week. Is likely that Twitter does not like Facebook by any user must individually enable the notifications, you see the chronological feed again with one click in the app’s settings contributed to the subsequent reassurance. Then it doesn’t look at Instagram. Users who get to see the new feed for test purposes, can enable notifications by accounts.

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