iPad Is Used Most Often for Fun and Only Fun

ipads and tablets is mostly used to simply surf the Web and play – only about one in five uses it for anything serious.

Sales of tablets is really exploded and many people have seen them, as a replacement for their laptop. But a new study shows that only about every fifth tablet-owner uses the tablet in professional contexts. Most use it to surf the Web, play, watch movies and check mail on. It writes our site.

The study was carried out in the month of February, where 1,857 u.s. tablet owners were questioned about their habits.

Despite the fact that only about 20 percent who say they use their tablet for serious work, so have 30 percent got it through their workplace.

Participants in the study, which also owns a smartphone, use their tablet 36 percent more often than the phone when it is about to go on the Web.

Apple’s iPad tablet is still the most popular in the world, despite the fact that Android tablets now, according to IDC, has overtaken when it comes to market share.