Jabra Sport Wireless +

Jabra has updated their two year old sportlurar and fixed all the details that we disturbed us at last. If you like the basic idea.

Jabra sport headphones are a little in the balance between you either hate them or love them. The reason is their basic philosophy to the headset, not to shut out the outside world as much as to let you keep track of it, despite the fact that you are listening to music. This for biking and running in, for example, the cities will be safer for both you and the environment, while allowing you to listen to music. It also means that the sound quality becomes secondary to other functions.

Sport Wireless + has been endowed with NFC for easy pairing with Android or Windows phone, a very weak FM radio reception and some fresh ideas in design. NFC is always welcome if your phone supports it, but the radio we could almost have been without since the result rarely gets good, especially if you move which is a bit of the idea with the device. Design wise, we find a small cord clamp on the cable between the two headphones to avoid unnecessary sladdfummel. The caps are still on the outside of the ear and is held mostly in place by hook design behind the ear. The difference this time is that it comes with a bunch of different ear cushions, where some of them go into a little bit of the ear and even hooked firmly inside the ear. This means that the headset sits really much better than the last, even if the sound quality still can’t be measured with hoods or in-ear lurking for obvious reasons. Fishy enough takes Jabra using an Iron Man-practitioners who enjoy, even though the battery life is shorter than what such races usually are.

Like the idea of being able to hear your surroundings at the expense of sound quality when you exercise is Wireless + a big step up from the previous model.


Name: Jabra Wireless +

Battery: 4 hours

Standby time: 120 hours