Jerkbait Fishing with Greater Depths

It is a large mistake that only flat water sections can successfully be caught with jerkbaits. It works though was excellent, but only the half taken into account

Potential of that Deceiver. With selected models and with the right technology fishing successes also have greater depth adjust quickly.

Do not hesitate so to offer a Jerkbait over more than 5 metres deep waters. The right time of the year is actually could care less about how much water have the fish under the belly. Other circumstances are much more important. The water temperature plays a decisive role. Plus values are between 11 and 19 degree on the success of versprechendsten. Including and beyond the fish are not agile enough. In the case due to the low temperatures and in the other case because of the decreasing oxygen content.

The mentioned temperatures must apply not only in the shallow marginal areas, but must be at least near the surface of the deep. This is the case, then we can assume that a large part of the Pike has followed the school of forage fish in deeper regions. On operating temperature, Esox afraid then do several meters distance to overcome in order to beat a supposedly easy prey.

A presentation in slow motion is the key to success! Take time with the individual strokes. Breaks of 10 to 15 seconds are optimal. With this technique you can achieve two important effects: the bait is consistently lower than that of a quickly caught Jerkbait and not comes forward towards the water surface. The slow-motion action attracts the skeptical big fish from the reserve. Quickly fished jerks often catch the lively little Pike. The stolid ladies take there already something more time and that has slowly caught jerk baits.

From the shore, you should practice this technique only in places where the underwater structure is known them. Due to the slow presentation of course trailer increases. This risk is reduced significantly if increases the winding speed close to shore. The jerk then not longer quite so deep runs. I equip all my jerks with the LureSaver. This little helper saved me many expensive bait.

According to Polyhobbies, boat anglers fishing in the opposite direction. Eject from the anchored boat on the flatter areas and work out in the free water zones. With increasing water depth, you reduce the retrieval speed.

Particularly successful is the method from a drifting boat works. The advantage is obvious: large water areas can systematically seek out and the bait can be kept at a certain depth. While I’m taking the seducer once on the desired distance. 20-25 m behind the boat have proven successful. It follows a descent phase well 30 seconds. The jerk in action continues with a drive from the wrist. Now I have the rod slowly back to the starting position. The next strike is followed by up to 15 seconds. In the meantime I’m no leash at all. The same applies if the boat (despite the use of a drift bag) is driving too fast. There, the bait is better simply to go along a certain route. Even if I am repeating: Fangentscheidend is that the shocks are not too fast consecutive.

By far not all jerkbaits are suitable for this use. Take some time in selecting the right models. It pays for itself. And that’s what matters: _ glider about 10 to 20 cm per second should fall in the idle state. Bait, which too quickly or not have their permission in other circumstances.They are not suitable for our purposes. Retriever breaks a Fang-glider lies horizontally in the water. Head – or schwanzlastige models are sorted out. The smallest Rutenzupfer bait must show action. “Stiff” seducers have here.

Start the day with natural colors. Perch, whitefish and trout are top. Only when is set to no bites follows the change to bright colors.

Another word for motivation: over deeper water sections you frequently exploiting the so-called free water Pike. This is often large and very large specimens, which must no longer fear many enemies.The prospect of a such chunks on the scales should be to spur enough to be this technology closer to deal with.

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