Lace Dresses Vintage Style

Many girls to find the perfect prom dress is a little complicated, because nowadays there are many elegant models.

That is why today I’ve dissented to give all the girls a few important tips to choose their perfect dresses.

If you want to find out about these tips, it is highly recommended that you keep reading in detail the content of this article.

The first thing you should know is to choose a prom dress that fits comfortably into your body and enhance your feminine beauty.

It is also very important to mention to you that the dress should help enhance the most beautiful parts of your body and disguise where you don’t want to show.

Body with triangular shape. The girls who have this type of body must use dresses light and fluid.

But always try that dresses are not tight on the side of the waist, that way will hide your wide hips.

In this sense, I advise you to buy dresses cut Empire because they help broaden shoulders and hide the bend.

You can also purchase dress cutting impero word of honor, they are perfect for the girls of triangular body.

Body inverted triangle-shaped. For this type of body wearing the elegant and beautiful vintage clothes.

But try the dresses attract the attention to the area of the hips and conceals the width of the shoulders.

Hourglass-shaped body. I advise women who have this type of body to use semi-cenidos dress that mark the waist.

For example; You can use tight dresses either short or long, but with bare arms, that way your body will be well balanced.


Body with round shape. For this type of body tight dresses and also dresses with large or bold prints are not highly recommended.

But if light dresses that are plain colors and also dresses that have vertical lines are perfect.

Body with a rectangular shape. If you have this type of body you must use dresses that will help you to form curves and enhance your feminine figure.

For this reason, I recommend that you opt for used dresses prints of fine fabrics and to provide movement.

The dresses fitted in the part of above but with gauzy skirt and belted dresses, are perfect to give greater volume.

Important. All lace party dresses are very stylish and have lot of feminine style, especially can combine them with many accessories.

Shoes. If you use a Black Lace dress for a party space you must combine it with beautiful black heels with straps.

All those lace dresses that are are golden or cream should be used with the same color of the dress heels.

Jewelry. You can use the lace dresses with a long Pearl necklace, a ring for cocktails, a bracelet and some long earrings.