Leak: View Press Photos of Nokia Lumia 928

Nokia is on the road with Lumia 928 to the American market, and press photos of the black and white version is supposedly been leaked.

We have previously discussed the upcoming Lumia 928 from Nokia, and now we can also get sight of the matter in more colors.

Thanks a billedlæk, as the usually well-informed Twitter user @oursite is behind, are both the black (pictured above) and the white version (pictured below) allegedly out of the sand.

Lumia 928 is a modified version of Lumia 920 to the American telecommunications company Verizon, and it is expected that the presentation is coming within the next few weeks.

928-model is a little bit thinner than Lumia 920-that is to say 10.2 mm instead of 10.7 mm, it is reported. In contrast to previous rumors, it does not appear to be in aluminium.

In addition, it should be noted that Nokia reportedly has thrown an OLED screen in Lumia 928. Other rygtede specifications is 1.5 GHz dual-core processor, 1 GB RAM, 32 GB of storage, 3 g/4 g (LTE), Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and microSD card space.

The operating system is Windows Phone 8.