LED Bracelet That Lists Your SMS Messages as Scrolling Text

Our site is a smart bracelet that communicates with your cell phone and can display everything from text messages to alarms in the rolling text on the bracelet.

LED bracelet that lists your SMS messages as scrolling text

Our site is a link bracelet that connects to your smartphone via bluetooth and that can display text messages and status updates from social media from your phone in the rolling text format.

Both smart watches and bracelet has the obvious advantage that they can be updated on what is happening, without having to heave his phone, but for people who either do not go with watch or simply not thought about the design, a bracelet can be an alternative.

Our site-a kickstarter project

Like the Pebble is a project which is known from our site kickstarter (and who is running this month out well and brand).
The text on Our site can either appear in red or blue, and all sorts of text can be displayed on the bracelet, SMS messages, status updates, personal to-do notes alarms with more.

Functionality on a bracelet of course can not match the our site a smart watch, but nevertheless can serve as alternative our site.
Would you like Our site bracelet as one of the first, the project can be supported with at least 99 dollars (approximately 506.0-NOK) with expected delivery in august.

Their kickstarter website can be seen here, where there is also a video presentation by Our site.