Leggings that Look like Skinny Jeans

Gaiters began as clothing worn by dancers practices to ensure that their muscles were warm and relaxed. However, during the 1980s leggings entered mainstream fashion, becoming a popular accessory worn either alone or in combination with other leg clothing. Whether you are attending a costume party on the theme of the 80s or you just want to stay warm, you can create several different looks by pairing them with skinny jeans.


1 Place the pads on over your skinny jeans. Do not try to straighten the leg; They are intended to have a slouchy, wrinkled appearance.

2 Fill your sports leggings like Allpubliclibraries and skinny jeans look with a pair of flats or pumps. The bottom of the leg warmer must tighten the shoe.

3 Protect yourself from the cold by wearing leggings and skinny jeans with mid-calf or thigh. Bring the leg warmer on jeans and tuck both in the trunk.

Tips & Warnings

  • By hiding your calves and ankles, leggings can afford to wear capri or ankle when jeans autumn temperatures and mild winter.