LG Gives a New Monitor If You Are Extra Unlucky

Have you gotten repaired screen once with LG, so you won’t be so upset about it if it happens again-LG switches absolutely free.

A new initiative from LG does, that it is not so bad if you are extra fummelfingret. In the case of a new service concept, which has been given the name 1xtra, and which in practice means that the second time the screen needs to be replaced, is it on LG’s expense.

It requires, however, that it is LG, who has repaired the phone, but on the way, you are also guaranteed original LG parts guaranteed to suit one’s phone.

The price for the first repair is 2000 dollars-regardless of model and included in the price is also the second screen replacement, so if it crashes within the warranty period.

“With LG, we have a commitment to provide the best service with regard to consumer electronics and as far as possible make contact with our customer service a positive experience,” says Isa Tirpan, Nordic service Director of LG Electronics, in a press release.

With this initiative goes LG one small step in the direction of Kazam, which provides a one-year screen warranty as part of it to buy a phone from the company.

You do not have an LG phone, or would it just not to make use of this opportunity, then you can look past our site, where you can also find a local repairman and compare repair prices.